Monday, July 2, 2012

Tattoo Mistakes Hall of Fame

You probably know of someone that has regretted getting a tattoo. Most times, that tattoo has an ex-partner's name. That's understandable considering most of us would do anything to prove our 'undying love' for someone. 

But what if there's a mistake in a tattoo? Do you laugh it off, get a cover-up tattoo or laser it off?! That's what I want to ask these people!

Right...I'm SURE he doesn't regret not checking the damn spelling!!!

Right! Nothing else 'maters' when you have this on your foot!

He got that right. Such a tradgey. The Y looks like a V though...

This sure looks like a DIY home tattoo done by a clown that can't spell...

Yes...He's probably laughing at him too!

And he blames the system. Or rather...SYSTSEM!

I bet he is!


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